The Ultimate Guide: How to Keep Your Septic System Healthy

a technician removing a septic tank civer

A septic system is one of the most paramount — yet overlooked — functional elements of a property. Most homeowners are unaware of what they need to do to ensure the health and longevity of their septic systems. Given the high cost of component repairs and full-on replacement, it behooves property owners to take proper […]

Does Water Drain Out of a Septic Tank?

What happens when your water goes down the drain? If you are like ⅓ of Americans, it ends up in your septic tank. But that’s not the end of the process. Read this blog to learn more about how your septic system works. If your septic tank hasn’t been cleaned in a while or you […]

How Much Does It Cost to Pump a Septic Tank?

The first step to answer the question of how much does it cost to pump a septic tank is figuring out what size it is. There are four sizes of tanks, and they will range in price from $200 for a small one up to $1,000 for a large one. For example, if you have […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

Are you looking for a septic tank cleaning company in the greater Springfield area? Dooley Service Pro provides full-service plumbing, drain cleaning, and septic services to homes and businesses. We have licensed plumbers who are passionate about their jobs and eager to answer any questions — call now! (937) 323-1703 Wondering how often you should […]

What Are the Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Full?

Septic tanks are a necessary part of every septic system. They are responsible for holding the wastewater that seeps into them until it can be pumped out into the septic field or leach field. If your septic tank is not being properly maintained, then you might be experiencing some problems with it —  and these […]

What Does Septic Tank Cleaning Cost?

Septic tanks are an integral part of many households. They help to remove waste and dispose it in a safe way. However, septic tanks can become dirty over time, which leads them to clog up or break down entirely. If you find that your septic tank is not working properly, then it is time for […]