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Ever wished that you could view inside your drains or pipes to see what is causing an issue in your home or business? With the use of advanced camera technology along with electronic locating services, our team at Dooley Service Pro can not only locate pipes and clogs, but can do so without creating a huge mess on your property. 

Our licensed and insured plumbing contractors have more than 40 years of experience and work hard to stay up on the most advanced technology and techniques. This allows us to provide you with the best plumbing and septic inspection services possible. Contact us in Springfield today to learn more!


Using the latest technology, we at Dooley Service Pro in Springfield can electronically locate your existing sewer and water lines. By using this equipment, we are able to pinpoint the exact location of the pipe that is causing the problem so that our team can quickly resolve it.

Our Dooley Service Pro team, along with the processes that we use, will save you time, money, and the beauty of your lawn by having the ability to direct our repair technicians to the exact point of the problem within your pipes. Don’t dig around and ruin your yard in the process! Contact our team in Springfield today for more information!


There are numerous advantages that come with using cameras to inspect plumbing and sewage systems within and beneath a home or business. This technology not only provides a noninvasive process to locate issues within the systems, but it can also aid in fixing the issue once it is found. 

Before camera technology, plumbers were forced to make educated guesses on where and what the problems may be within pipes and drains that were clogged or damaged. This process often leads to destructive digging and excessive repairs. However, with the use of cameras, digging is not necessary to resolve most problems, and plumbers are able to watch as the clog is cleared to ensure that no further action needs to be taken. Contact our team at Dooley Service Pro today with questions or comments!


By combining our electronic locating services and camera technology, Dooley Service Pro is able to provide you with complete full house inspections to identify any repairs that need to be performed as well as ensuring that your pipes are free of debris and clogs. 


Regularly scheduled inspections of the water and sewer pipes within your home allow you to get ahead of any needed repairs or maintenance before they turn into a much larger issue that could lead to extensive damage to your property as well as costly repairs and replacements. Contact our team at Dooley Service Pro in Springfield today to schedule your full house inspection! 


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