Sewer & Water Lines

SEWER AND WATER LINES Top Rated Local® Professional Plumbing Services

The sewer and water lines that run to and from your home or business are a vital part of your plumbing. The water line is responsible for bringing water into your home or business, allowing you to have clean, running water all throughout the building. The sewer line drains water and waste back from your home or business into the sewer system. 

At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, our team of licensed and insured plumbers offer complete sewer and water line services to ensure that these vital parts of your plumbing are installed, maintained, and disconnected properly. Contact us today for all your water or sewer line needs!


Our team of experts at Dooley Service Pro specialize in installing new sewer and water lines for homes and businesses in the Springfield area. Our experience combined with our unmatched customer service and tools give you the best option for all of your water and sewer needs. 

We use advanced methods and materials that enable us to guarantee a long lasting, top-of-the-line sewage system. With the use of pipe bursting, we are able to install your sewer and water lines without tearing up an excessive amount of your property. Our team specializes in installations for homeowners, builders, plumbers, and municipalities using both traditional and trenchless installation methods. Contact Dooley Service Pro today to get started!


Dooley Service Pro is here to provide you with the highest quality cleaning services for your sewer and water lines. We have been performing these services in the Springfield area for over 30 years. Our reviews and testimonials from previous customers can attest that when we take on a project, we put our best foot forward until the job is complete and the customer is fully satisfied!

Our team uses state-of-the-art hydro-jetting equipment that allows us to offer quick and efficient sewer and water line cleaning services. This hydro-jetting method utilizes high-pressured water to jet your water or sewer lines and rid them of mineral buildup as well as other debris or waste that may be causing your system to be running inefficiently. Contact us today to learn more!



If your water or sewer line has a large amount of damage, it may be better to completely replace the pipe rather than try to repair it. Replacing older sewer and water lines prior to major issues arising can also save you money and time that those messy problems could cause in the near future. At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, our team offers both traditional and trenchless sewer and water line replacements to ensure that your systems are running at their best at all times! Contact us today to schedule your water or sewer line replacement!


When demolishing a house or commercial building, it is important that you have the water and sewer lines properly disconnected. At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, our team has the experience and knowledge needed to disconnect these lines following city regulations to ensure that everything is done with extreme precision and care. Contact our plumbing contractors today to schedule a water or sewer line disconnect service!


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